They Thought He Was Crazy For Quitting School

In 1940, the price of a home in the US was around $3,000.

By 2000, it jumped to $120,000.

And if we look at the average cost of buying a home today…

It’s over $200,000.

If you find yourself struggling financially right now, it’s not your fault.

This ain’t the 1940s anymore.

Earning a living is tougher and the “old way” of doing things (going to college) has also increased.

In fact, when you compare 1987 to 2018, the cost of going to college has gone up by 213%!

The good news is that college ain’t your only option.

You also have these 4 alternatives.

If you’re still considering college, or you’re already enrolled, that’s cool.

Just know that you can also get practical, life-improving, and financially rewarding online education — without investing tens of thousands of dollars and several years of your time.

With my Back-to-School Bundle Sale that offers my four online programs at a significant discount, I’m offering to help you out.

Here’s what you get (and how much you’ll save):
* Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 (regularly priced @ $697)
* Credit Mentor 3.0 (regularly priced @ $697)
* E-commerce Blueprint (regularly priced @ $697)
* Real Estate Mentor (regularly priced @ $697)
* Total regular regular price: $2,788
* Today’s price: $497 (total savings of $2,291)

One of the many benefits of my training programs is that they’re taught by people who’ve actually had success in what they teach.

Whereas in most colleges, you’re learning from professors teaching from outdated books.

No offense to professors, but if you’d rather learn theory from someone struggling to make ends meet vs. digital marketing, credit, and real estate experts making over 6 figures a month, that’s your decision.

Oh and by the way…

You don’t have to invest in all 4 programs in my Back-to-School Bundle Sale.

You can also get one for $197 (a savings of $500).

Some of the many things you’ll learn in these four programs include:
* The 5 specific ad templates that built a $20 million a year internet marketing agency
* The exact types of services to offer in your contract that help you make paying you $1,000 a month — minimum (downloadable pricing PDF template included)
* How to turn $100 in ad spend into 1,000+ email leads within 3 days (note: the average revenue of an email lead is $1/mo… so if you do the math, that’s potentially $1,000/mo (1,000% ROI))
* 3 free websites you can use to find niche products to sell at 300-400% markup
* The “low-hanging fruit” 99% of businesses don’t grab, that once you help them implement, almost immediately improves their revenue (hint: it’s NOT related to social media)
* How a 15-minute visit to the mall can help you find “under the radar” products no one’s selling online
* How to get MLS data emailed to you daily, without being a licensed realtor (once set up right, this will send your leads before anyone else's)
* The “play the bank” strategy to use after you’ve made too much money from active and passive real estate investing
* How to find properties at deep discounts that you can quickly turn around at a $5,000 – $10,000 margin
* How to “hack” (all legal) credit card points and travel 100% for free, in luxury, enjoying first class flights and 5-star hotels
* How to “force” banks to compete for your business — and offer you exclusive rewards and deals, simply by opening a free account or applying for a credit card
* And, much much more
It’s been several months since I last offered a discount this big on these programs and it’ll be several more before I (potentially) offer it again.

This is your moment, — take action (or miss out).

Before I wrap this up, I have one simple request:
* Save this message
* Invest in one (or more) of the programs
* Reply back to me once you’ve experienced success
I believe in you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Invest now in the Back-to-School Bundle Sale.

Stay Strong,

P.S. Most students are already paying more than $497 (per semester) for college textbooks with outdated info, your chance to claim over 100+ hours of practical online video training seems like a no-brainer decision to me.

It’s your call — take a look at what you get.




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