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This New Opportunity In Social Media Is Trending

Ready for the next biggest trend in social media?

It’s funny how trends work…

They usually cycle every few years, so this is perfect timing.

Right around this time a few years ago…almost to the same date…

I started my program on Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA). Now more than 50,000 students have been trained on social media marketing.

And it’s happening again with this new trend…

When an old trend dies, another one takes its place…


So what is this new trend that’s taking social media by storm?

DSMC. (Digital social media consultant)


What is a DSMC?

Basically, they’re the middleman or advisor to companies.

Instead of doing the marketing for businesses, they give advice, strategy and plans.

Or refer them to an actual agency and take a commission.

I’m actually a DSMC on the side. It’s something I’ve made 6 to 7 figures with for several years straight.

And the best part?

Normally businesses have hard costs like overhead, salaries, etc.

The only cost as a DSMC is time. Other than that it’s 100% PROFIT.

Right now, I’m opening up a test group to teach students how I became a DSMC to successful companies.

You have 7 days to watch the video on this page before I take it down.

??? Click here to watch the video:

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