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PERSUASION – It is a good word.

But lots of times people do not want to be persuaded.

People do not like to be sold!

So a better word is Influence!

If you influence people, you will persuade them.

You may even sell them.

We like influence better because it tends for a better

Influence puts others in a better light and value and

Do not try to sell anyone anything.
Simply try to help others. Enrich others!
And you will be very persuasive.

Not because you get them to come your way.
You will be very persuasive because you put others first.

So you want to move somebody? Influence? Persuade?

Ask yourself why? To make them better? Or you better?

If you are truly and sincerely trying to help others,
Persuasion is a very good word!

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Billy & Charlotte Carr

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It is impossible to have no risk. People that never take a risk receive nothing. And they wonder why they have nothing! Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained! Now in Risk, there is the Wise and the Foolish. The Wise take a chance, but they know what they are doing. The Foolish take off not knowing where they are going. It is okay to take a risk! Start small. Be Wise! And think about fruit. Fruit is always out on a limb. You got to get out on a limb to get the fruit. Stop hugging the tree trunk. The only fruit around a tree trunk is the rotten fallen fruit.

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