There is something we like about people who keep getting up.
In the midst of adversity and difficulty, they keep going forward.
I am never down!
I am either up or getting up!
I am determined to do well!
I am determined to get back up.
I am determined to overcome adversity.
I am determined to keep on keeping on.
There is something about the steadfastness.
The consistent forward progress of a determined person
That encourages all us.
This is not about winning the speed race.
This is not about coming first in the contest.
But a determined person will get there.
They will get to the finish line.
Determined!  They will make it!
Oh, there is something inspiring.
Not about the gifted person.
Not the highly talented person.
But yes the determined person!
Walked through today with a quiet determination.
This will be a good day for you!


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