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CLICKBANK Affiliate Marketing TUTORIAL – how affiliate marketing makes me $40K a MONTH

Clickbank affiliate marketing was my first ever money on the internet – it holds an important place in my heart haha.

This Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial will walk through affiliate marketing for beginners and how to make money online in 2020.

Affiliate marketing is so much more than just LINK BARFING on social media. Real affiliate marketing involves building an offer and adding value IN ADDITION to what is offered on Clickbank.

I build sales funnels for Clickbank affiliate products in ClickFunnels (and I capture customers' emails to build my own list to sell them future products in the future).

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Clickbank Tutorial Breakdown:

1:28: Clickbank product selection
2:22: ClickFunnels page structuring
3:57: Offer structuring
8:24: Affiliate funnel build and walkthrough
19:41: Just weird…I'm not sure what's happening here

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How to Build a Profitable Sales Funnel in 20 Minutes [ClickFunnels Pro Tutorial]

In this ClickFunnels tutorial, we're building a profitable sales funnel in 20 minutes. And turning this PIG into CASH baby!!! ?

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Let's face it… websites are dying. You've probably hired someone in the past to design a website and were left confused when no one bought your products. WHY?!?! ?

It's because websites are traditionally designed like "brochures" rather than time-tested sales funnels – so your website is destined for "meh" results that come from things like lame brochures.

"But Steve, do sales funnels really make that much of a difference?" Well my friend, after selling $5 MILLION of products and services through ClickFunnels in the last two years, I can say my investment in ClickFunnels was worth it.

After crafting my sales message and offer, ClickFunnels makes it so easy to generate leads and convert customers and upsell my dream clients.

Watch this video to see how I use ClickFunnels to build profitable sales funnels in 20 minutes.

Building the sales funnel in ClickFunnels is great, but that's only a FRACTION of the whole internet marketing game. If you want to see the 8 steps that come BEFORE you sit down and rake in cash with your sales funnel, then go to to learn what rich dead marketers have done, studied, and leveraged for hundreds of years to craft their wildly lucrative offers and pull cash off the table.

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Building our Virtual Summit Funnel (thanks Funnel U!) is LIVE

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